30" x 30" Weighted Blanket

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Product Overview

The 30" x 30" weighted blanket is available in 4-12 pounds and is suitable for people weighing 30 to 110 pounds.

It has 25 individually sewn and carefully hand-filled weighted pouches which distribute the total weight of the blanket to maximize its effectiveness.

Kuseno Weighted Blankets were designed with removable weights in order to make it easier to wash the blanket in a washing machine. Every blanket can be customized both by size and weight and they are made to order. Please allow up to 5 weeks for your blanket to be constructed, although it could be made much quicker depending on demand at that time.

Typically people choose a weighted blanket that is 10-15% of the user's weight. The commonly accepted formula is 10% of the user's weight (in pounds) plus 1 pound. For a child that is 80 pounds, a 9 pound blanket is generally recommended. If the child is still growing, you might opt for the next size up.

Fabric Choices: We stock cotton, flannelette (a napped cotton that resembles a lightweight flannel), ultra soft polyester fleece, and Minky Rose Cuddle. You can choose both the front and the back, and even have different materials on both sides. Maybe the cooling cotton against your skin and a soft flannelette on top? Please think about the tactile needs of the person using the blanket. While the flannelette is soft and fuzzy to most people, it may feel uncomfortable to someone with heightened touch sensitivity.

The colours on our website may not match perfectly to the fabric when you receive it due to differences in the camera settings, my monitor settings, and your monitor settings. It will be pretty close, but if the shade is very important to you, please Contact Us before you place your order.

Fabric prints are always changing with our supplier so we will always try to keep sufficient fabric in stock to make any size blanket. However, it's entirely possible that we have enough fabric of a specific print for a small blanket at the time you order a large blanket with that same print. If that happens and we're unable to order more from our supplier, we will contact you to see what pattern you would like to change it to.

Custom Fabric: If you're looking for something specific that isn't listed, please Contact Us with what you're looking for and we will try to find it. When you are ordering your blanket with a custom fabric, please use the light grey "Custom Request" fabric colour.

Making your own outer cover? Select the No Outer Cover is a white box with a red slash No Outer Cover fabric (very last white box with a red slash through it) for both the Front and the Back and the price will automatically be discounted. If you select a fabric for one side and No Outer Cover for the other side, you will receive an outer cover with the both sides the same as the one you selected.

For more information on how to pick the blanket size, and why you might not want a Queen or King sized blanket, see What Size Blanket Should I Get?.

For more information on weighted blankets and how they work, see About Weighted Blankets.

Ask your Occupational Therapist or Doctor about what size and weight of blanket is recommended.

Warranty Information

1 year limited warranty on workmanship and materials (fabric and seams) with normal use. Does not cover abnormal wear and tear. See Warranty for more details.
As every weighted blanket is customized and made to order, there are no refunds or exchanges on weighted blankets.