Cases and Covers

Some of our pillows have the option of a cover or case. You can add it on as an option when selecting your pillow, but if you need more than one or just want to replace an old case, you can buy them here!

  • Empty lavender Travel Pillow Fleece Cover. Sized slightly larger than 11 x 16 to make putting the travel pillow in easier.

    Travel Pillow Fleece Cover

    A fleece cover designed to fit the 11" x 16" Travel / Child's Pillow. The fleece cover is perfect for in the car or on the plane! This fleece has some extra give to it so you could put a cotton pillow case on the travel pillow first, then insert that...

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  • Empty Royal Blue cotton pillow case. Sized slightly larger than the 16 x 11 pillow to make putting the pillow inside easier.

    Travel Pillow Cotton Case

    This case has been specially designed to fit our 11" x 16" Travel / Child's Pillow and is a European Fold style. To use it, just flip the extra folded material to the outside, insert the pillow, and fold the fabric back over to lock the pillow in place...

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  • The Neck Roll Outer Case is a slip that's open on both ends

    Outer Neck Roll Case

    This is the outer slip cover made for the Kuseno Neck Roll. It is open on both ends and slips over the neck roll. Choose between the same high quality downproof ticking that we use for the zippered cases or a very nice neutral vine pattern. Pillow not...

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