How Are Kuseno Blankets Different?


1-fill-pocket-sm.jpgFirst we make the inner blanket with specialized pockets to hold removable weight bags. The weight bags are filled with recyclable high density plastic pellets, filled individually by weight according to the finished weight of the blanket.

6-turn-cover-sm.jpgFinally we make an outer duvet style cover in your choice of fabric, from prints or solid colours, cotton or flannelette, ultra soft fleece, or minky. The outer cover is easy to remove for washing. Using removable weight bags makes it easier to customize and wash the inner blanket.

Other blankets are made by sewing long tubes into the fabric, filling each tube with a measured amount of fill, then stitching each tube closed to form fixed pockets in a quilt pattern. They generally include an outer cover for washing. The inner blanket can be washed but you need to be careful to make sure the load is balanced if you have a top-load washing machine.

Why don't we use buckwheat hulls? Our pillows are heavier than normal, but the hulls are surprisingly light. A 30 x 48 blanket can have a weight range of 5-20 pounds using our recycled plastic pellets. With buckwheat hulls it can have a maximum weight of 5 pounds and the buckwheat hulls cannot be washed.