What Size Blanket Should I Get?


Unfortunately, there is not a perfect size for everyone, so we make blankets in many sizes. From 12 inches by 12 inches, in 6 inch increments all the way up to an Extra Large 42 x 48! Understandably, it can be daunting to figure out what is the best size and weight but we will try to give our best recommendation. 

Our blankets are customizable by both size and weight. We find it's easiest to start with the size then choose the appropriate weight, but you can certainly work it the other way around by starting with weight and finding a size that fits.

What it comes down to is who is using it, and what they're using it for. When buying a blanket for someone else, take into account their strength. Don't get a blanket that's too heavy if they aren't able to position it by themselves. Although the weights are removable, it's better if the weight is evenly distributed so try to order the right size and weight of blanket.

If you can't decide on what size to get, here are some suggestions. If you know what width of blanket you want but need something longer or shorter than what's listed here, click on the width of the blanket at the top of the Weighted Blankets page to choose a better sized blanket. 

Suggested sizes:

12x12 Square12 x 12 - Small Square Pad
2 pounds
Great to hug and hold. It's like a heart-shaped stuffy, but more square-like. This is the smallest we wanted to go because Bean Bag Toss wasn't a market we wanted to focus on.

12x36 Shoulder Blanket12 x 36 - Shoulder Blanket
2-6 pounds
4+ pounds for an adult, 2 pounds for a child. This long, narrow blanket is great for across your shoulders when you're sitting.

18x24 Lap Blanket18 x 24 - Lap Blanket
2-6 pounds
Up to 6 pounds for an adult, 3-4 pounds for a child. Personally, I had great success using this blanket to help with my restless leg syndrome.

30x42 Small Blanket30 x 42 - Small Blanket
5-17 pounds
Our pick for toddlers or small children under 4 feet tall.

36x60 Medium Blanket36 x 60 - Medium Blanket
8-25 pounds
For people 4-5 feet tall and weighing 70 pounds or more.

42x72 Large Blanket42 x 72 - Large Blanket
11-25 pounds
For people 5-6 feet tall and weighing 100 pounds or more.

42x84 XLarge Blanket42 x 84 - Extra Large Blanket
13-30 pounds
Sure we can go longer, but we had to stop somewhere.

For comparison, standard mattress sizes are:

  • 38 x 74 - Twin
  • 54 x 74 - Full
  • 60 x 80 - Queen
  • 76 x 80 - King

Important: This is a personal blanket! It is not designed to replace your bed blanket. You can use it instead of your bed blanket, you can use it with your bed blanket. You could share the blanket with someone else, but it would be better if you each had your own blanket. Pick the size of blanket that you personally need, not just because it looks good on your bed.

Why might you not want a Queen or King size weighted blanket for your Queen or King sized bed? The bigger the blanket, the more the weight is spread out. If the weight is on the bed beside you, it's not on you and what's supposed to be a 25 pound blanket could end up as only 10-15 pounds on your body. Not only that, but traditional blankets hang down over the edge of the bed and the extra weight of the weighted blanket pulling down can make it unsafe! Weighted blankets are purposefully designed to be smaller than traditional blankets.

When using the blanket for sleep (as opposed to a shoulder or lap blanket), this is our recommendation to pick the right size:

Width: When laying on the bed, measure from the bed, up and over the torso and back down to the bed. Add on 12 inches (6 inches per side) and round up to the nearest 6".

Length: Measure from the chin to the toes. Add 6 or 12 inches if they like their feet covered.

Weight: The blanket should be 10% of the user’s weight plus 1 (or 2) pounds. This can vary based on how it’s to be used, and the strength of the person using it. For a 60 pound child, this would result in a blanket that is 7 pounds.

If you're working with an Occupational Therapist, please follow their recommendation for the appropriate blanket size and weight. Please show them our website so they can help you pick.

We do not recommend using a weighted blanket on children under 2 years of age. Talk to your child's occupational therapist, doctor, or pediatrician about weighted blankets for children of any age, specifically when it's appropriate for them to start using one. Ask what weight they recommend.

Use this handy chart to determine the weight of the blanket based on the weight of the person using it.

Your WeightBlanket
 Your WeightBlanket
20 pounds 3 pounds   110 pounds 12 pounds
30 pounds 4 pounds 120 pounds 13 pounds
40 pounds 5 pounds 130 pounds 14 pounds
50 pounds 6 pounds 140 pounds 15 pounds
60 pounds 7 pounds 150 pounds 16 pounds
70 pounds 8 pounds 160 pounds 17 pounds
80 pounds 9 pounds 170 pounds 18 pounds
90 pounds 10 pounds 180 pounds 19 pounds
100 pounds 11 pounds 190 pounds 20 pounds
    200+ pounds 21-30 pounds