About Buckwheat Hull Pillows


sackofhulls.jpgSimply put, a buckwheat pillow (or more specifically, a buckwheat hull pillow) is a cotton sack of hulls. They originated centuries ago in Asia, and have become quite prevalent there, though it has only been recently that they came to North America. Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillows are hand-crafted in British Columbia, Canada with 100% cotton fabric and a nifty little zipper on the end for you to open it up and take a look at the hulls inside. With this zipper, you can also add or remove hulls to custom design your pillow to fit your needs. 

Our pillows are filled with the hulls of 100% Canadian buckwheat. The pillows are clean and odour-free, and available in four different sizes (six if you include the travel pillow and neck roll) to ensure you get the best fit.