How Do I Use It?


The most common use is for muscle pains or sprains. Doctors and physiotherapists recommend alternating between hot and cold for 15-20 minutes each for a sprain. The best way to do this with our Therapy Wraps is to store the wrap in the freezer until you need it. Use it for 15-20 minutes until it has warmed up, then place it in the microwave to heat it up. Of course, you'll need a second Therapy Wrap in the freezer if you want to go back to cold again after 15-20 minutes.

Other suggestions are:

Use it Hot to Use it Cold to
Relieve muscle pains and aches Relieve pain due to injured muscles
Relieve minor joint pain Relieve minor burns and bruises
Relieve headaches Relieve headaches
Relaxation Relieve swelling and fever
  Relieve sinus pressure

Kuseno Flax Therapy Wraps are designed to be able to go straight from the freezer to the microwave, so we recommend you store your therapy wrap in the freezer (as it needs to cool for at least an hour before it will do its job properly) so that it will be ready for you however you need it. Your therapy wrap can be stored in the freezer, inside a resealable bag, indefinitely without harming the product.

Don't you just hate how that bag of frozen peas or frozen gel pack is always rock hard when you take it out of the freezer to use on an aching body part? You can never really shape it properly to touch all the areas you need it to touch, and you've got to supplement it with a cloth or towel so that it doesn't freeze your skin. Our Flax Therapy Wraps don't have either of those problems! Even frozen, they remain flexible and easily drape over your shoulders, arm, leg, wherever the pain is, and you don't need to use a towel to protect your skin from the cold. The fabric already gives that layer of protection.

Need a warm pad? No problem! Put your Flax Therapy Wrap in the microwave and heat it up. Heating times vary with size of the flax wrap and power of your microwave.

Heating in the oven is not recommended (as in, don't do it).
You can wrap the flax therapy pack around a hot water bottle to transfer the heat. If you have found another method for heating a therapy pack without a microwave, we'd love to hear from you!

We recommend heating it for 30-60 seconds at a time (30 seconds for the eye pillow and smaller), then shaking the flaxseed around inside the wrap. The microwave creates hot spots, like when you reheat last night's dinner, so you want to evenly distribute the heat. Repeat as necessary until the wrap is warm enough, but don't make it so hot that you burn your skin! Not only will it hurt and cause a burn, but the flaxseed will smell funny. If you accidentally make it too hot, let it cool down before putting it on your skin.

After you have used it a few times, you'll have a better idea of how long it takes to heat it up. Make sure you flip or mix up the flaxseed at least once during the heating to evenly distribute the heat.

With a new Flax Therapy Wrap, the first few times that you heat it, it will give a nice moist heat. If you start to lose that moist heat and want it back, just spray a bit of water on the wrap before putting it in the microwave. Don't make the flaxseeds wet, just spray the fabric.