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What is buckwheat?

buckwheat-seeds.jpgDon't let the name "buckwheat" throw you off; it is not actually a grain or related to wheat. It is, in fact, a flower seed related to rhubarb. Often grown as a cover crop, the seeds are harvested, de-hulled, and milled into flour which is used to make gluten-free foods such as pasta, pancakes, and even beer. The hulls are then dried, cleaned, vacuumed, and sorted into two grades; pillow-grade and mulch-grade. Mulch-grade is used in the garden for fertilizer, while pillow-grade is used for - you guessed it - filling pillows. The hulls are shaped kind of like a pyramid, and one side of a hull is like a popcorn kernel.

Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillows are filled with 100% organically grown Canadian buckwheat hulls, which means that you can sleep easier knowing no pesticides or other chemicals were used in the growing of the buckwheat or the cleaning of the hulls.

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