What Is Buckwheat?


buckwheat-seeds.jpgDon't let the name "buckwheat" throw you off; it is not actually a grain or related to wheat. It is, in fact, a flower seed related to rhubarb. Often grown as a cover crop, the seeds are harvested, de-hulled, and milled into flour which is used to make gluten-free foods such as pasta, pancakes, and even beer. The hulls are then dried, cleaned, vacuumed, and sorted into two grades; pillow-grade and mulch-grade. Mulch-grade is used in the garden for fertilizer, while pillow-grade is used for - you guessed it - filling pillows. The hulls are shaped kind of like a pyramid, and one side of a hull is like a popcorn kernel.

Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillows are filled with 100% Canadian grown buckwheat hulls, which means that you can sleep easier knowing that you're supporting Canadian small businesses and Canadian farmers.