What Makes Buckwheat Better?


pillow-sleeping-side.jpgWith so many different thicknesses available on the market, a conventional pillow (a pillow filled with feathers, foam, fibre, styrofoam beads, etc) could either be too thick or too thin. If your pillow is too thick, then it holds your head too high and puts a kink in your neck all night. Could you imagine walking around for eight hours with your neck craned to the side? Why would you want to sleep like that? Conversely, if your pillow is too thin, your neck muscles will be working all night to keep your head level. Your spine wants to be straight, so your body will do what it can to keep it as such. When your pillow is too thick or too thin, you wake up with sore neck or back muscles, or a headache.

pillow-sleeping-normal.jpgA Kuseno buckwheat pillow is designed to give your neck the support it needs while keeping your head level with the rest of your body, and with the zipper on the end you can add or remove hulls to make your pillow the perfect size for you. Say goodbye to neck, back, and head pain and hello to nights of blissful sleep and mornings of peaceful awakenings!