Privacy Policy

Our No-Nonsense Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to you. Your trust is important to us. We don't want to do anything that might jeopardize your trust so in the interest of full transparency, here is what we use your information for and what we won't do with it.

Here's the short version: Your information is safe with us. We will not buy or sell or trade your personal information. We will not give your personal information to a third party (with the exception of telling the shipping carrier (Canada Post, FedEx, etc) where to deliver your order).

What information do we collect?
When you register for an account or place an order, you're asked to provide some information about yourself: Your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information, for example. This is neccessary to complete your online order.

We partner with third parties to enhance the website functionality. If you sign up for our newsletter, you are signing up with MailChimp. If you leave a product review, that is delivered by YotPo. These third parties have their own privacy policies that you should review on your own.

What do we do with your information?
First, we will give your name and shipping address to the shipping carrier so they know where to deliver your order. Makes sense, right?
We may use your phone number to call you to verify something about your order. Did you mean to order 100 of these? Or 10? But we'll probably email you about it instead if it's not something urgent.
You will receive emails about the status of your order, including when it shipped and a tracking number.
About 2 weeks after your order, you may receive an email asking you what you think about your product and if you'd like to write a review.

If you sign up for our Newsletter, we will send it to the email address you gave us and confirmed. You will have the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, no hard feelings. 

We won't phone you to try to sell you something. We know that if you want to buy something from us, you'll come to our website.
If you sign up for our newsletter, there will be something sales related in there - a new product, or a new venue where you can shop, or maybe even a promotion. We don't like a lot of newsletters in our mailbox and we won't send a lot to yours. Sorry, but we're not going to use the newsletter to send out jokes and cat pictures. 

How do we protect your information?
Our entire site is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Sensitive information like your password and credit card number are encrypted by your computer and then is decrypted by my server. It can't be decrypted by any of the many networked computers it passes through to get to me.

Your credit card details are not stored on our servers. In fact, I won't personally ever see your entire credit card number (just the last four digits) as the transaction is sent directly to our payment processor. Unfortunately, this means that if you want to add something to your order or order again using the same card as last time, I won't be able to do that.

Do we use cookies or tracking?
Yup! Cookies are tiny little text files that your browser stores for you. One way we use cookies is to link you to your cart so you can add a pillow to your shopping cart then go shopping for a neck wrap.
We also use Google Analytics, which is a type of tracking cookie. We use this to get aggregated information about what page visitors are visiting first (it's not always the home page if they're coming from a web search), and we can see generalized traffic flow - what page do most people visit next? We use this data to enhance our website and make the flow work better. Our cookies do not link up with Google's cookies. Google is probably tracking you through all the other sites you visit, but we can't see that information. You can review Google's privacy policy and opt out of their cookies if you choose.
Some of our emails may also contain specialized links so we can view how often they're clicked on. This is a non-personalized report, meaning I can see that 10 people clicked the link in the newsletter, but not who those 10 people are.

If you have ANY questions about your privacy when you shop on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Use of our website and placing an order online is consenting to our Privacy Policy.

We may change our policy at any time. We will update this page when it happens, so check back if you're concerned. If there are major changes we will post notices and send out emails, but most likely we will update for clarification only.