About Flax Therapy Wraps


These versatile therapy wraps are designed to be used hot or cold – depending on the kind of relief you need – to provide exceptional comfort from your aches and pains. Store them in the freezer for the perfect cold pack, or microwave them for a long-lasting heated remedy! These are truly a magic bag of relief.

Kuseno Flax Therapy Wraps are unique bags made with 100% cotton fabric and filled with Canadian-grown flaxseed. We have multiple colours available, and optional aromatherapy scent sprays made with 100% essential oils and diluted with distilled water.

Use only as directed. Not for unintended use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat the product. Do not overheat. Kuseno Comfort Products, its owners, employees, and representatives can not be held liable if the product is misused in any way other than as intended.