Why Fill a Pillow With Buckwheat?


The biggest benefit to a Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillow is that it is designed to keep your head and spine straight, which alleviates tension in your neck and relieves back, neck, and head pain. The buckwheat hulls move under the weight of your head, then they lock in place, holding your head and supporting your neck while you sleep, and allowing you to sleep through the night with no tossing or turning. Most customers find that they feel more rested in the morning after sleeping on a buckwheat pillow than they do after a night with a conventional pillow.

no-bed-bugs-sign.jpgBuckwheat hulls are clean, and because they have no nutritive value, you don't have to worry about them attracting bugs or mites. Because the pillows are breathable, your head won't sweat, and will be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillows are formable, moldable, and therapeutic, making them the perfect choice of pillow.