Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillows
Canadian Organic Buckwheat Hulls
Relieve sore necks and headaches with a Kuseno Pillow
Treat yourself to a better sleep

Is a Buckwheat Hull Pillow right for you?

Sleeping with a regular pillow is like choosing to wake up with a sore neck. How was your sleep last night? Did you toss and turn, spend hours trying to find the right position, and then still wake up with a headache, sore neck, or sore back? The problem is probably your pillow.

Many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying pillow after pillow, trying to find the one that's the right fit for them. A Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillow will last for several years and won't lose its shape, unlike a conventional pillow that flattens after a few months of use.

With four different sizes and a customizable fill amount, your perfect buckwheat pillow will hold your head and spine straight while you sleep. Why wake up in unnecessary pain? Buy a Made in Canada Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillow today, and experience a natural sleep!

Kuseno Comfort Products are hand-crafted in Langley, BC (near Vancouver, BC, Canada). Shop in Canada and support small business. Click the button below to learn more about what a buckwheat pillow is.


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