Is There a Special Way to Use It?



How to fluff a buckwheat hull pillow

Before you first lay your head down, pick the pillow up by the end furthest from your shoulder. Give it a gentle shake so the hulls gather at the bottom, closest to your shoulder, then lay it back down on the bed.

Once the pillow is on the bed where it belongs, push your shoulder into the bottom of the pillow while simultaneously laying your head down, then relax your shoulder. The hulls will shift and move to shape to your head before locking in place.

View the video or hover (click on mobile) to view the animation.


How to fold the pillow underneath

If you have a larger pillow, you could pick it up on a short end so that the hulls gather at the opposite end, then fold the loose fabric underneath for a firmer pillow.

View the video or hover (click on mobile) to view the animation.

For added comfort, you can place a thin, flat pillow inside your pillowcase on top of your Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillow (we recommend one made for back or stomach sleeping). For added height without adding more hulls, you can place the flat pillow below your Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillow.

When using an extra pillow, it is recommended to remove 1/2 pound of hulls to compensate for the height difference. Adjust to suit.