Why would you want to order bulk hulls?

  • You underestimated how many hulls to get in your pillow and need to top it up.
  • Your toddler likes to play with zippers and some of your hulls spilled out.
  • You have an older buckwheat hull pillow and you want to replace some or all of the hulls.
  • You're crafty and decided you can save some money buy sewing your own pillow case, but need to fill it with hulls.
  • Your teenaged son/daughter used it in a pillow fight, the hulls spilled out and they vacuumed up the evidence before you got home.
Whatever the reason, we sell bulk hulls by the pound for the same price as if you bought them with a pillow.
  • Need some loose hulls? Perfect for adding to an old buckwheat hull pillow, or for when purchasing a new pillow to make sure you have extra just in case.

    35 lb of Hulls (Bulk Pricing)

    Bulk Pricing for 35 pounds of hulls! Save big over our regular price of hulls when you order 35 pounds.  Note: The shipping calculator has weight limits and if you add this product to other items, it's possible that you won't get any shipping...

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