Zippered Pillow Case

$15.00 - $25.50
0.25 LBS
$3.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

If you have the hulls already and all you need is the zippered pillow case, this is the one for you! Select your size and save on shipping.

These zippered pillow cases are made with 100% cotton downproof ticking - the same as our filled pillows. The fabric has a tight thread count to keep the bits inside, but is still breathable to allow air to flow through, regulating the temperature of your pillow and keeping it from overheating.

Enjoy flat-rate shipping on each zippered case. If you're ordering hulls with your pillow, it will be less expensive for shipping to order your complete pillow from the Pillows Category.

Please note that the flat-rate shipping is less expensive because it does not include a tracking number. If you would like a tracking number, please order from the Pillows Category and select No Fill for the fill amount. The price of the case is the same but the shipping cost includes a tracking number. If you overpay for shipping we will refund the difference. It's never our goal to make money on shipping.

Warranty Information

1 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.