11" x 16" (Extra Small) Travel / Child's Pillow

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Product Overview

We've talked to many people who have owned a buckwheat hull pillow for many years. 15-20 years is not uncommon! One comment we hear time and time again is that people have to bring their pillow with them when they go travelling. There's just no way they can sleep on a hotel pillow.

A 4-6 pound pillow takes up space and precious weight in their luggage for the airplane, but it's a sacrifice they make.

We heard you! We designed this 11" x 16" pillow (half the size of the 16" x 22") and filled it with 2.25 pounds of hulls. This is the perfect travelling companion! Small enough to fit in your luggage. Easy to carry. Sleep with it in the car. Use it at the hotel. And like our other pillows, it comes with a zipper so you can fine-tune the hulls if you need to. 

This is also a great size for a child to use, so you can see why we decided to name it a "Travel (slash) Child's Pillow."

Can't decide between the covers? Get both! Use the fleece cover in the car or on the plane, then switch to the cotton case at the hotel. Perfect!

Warranty Information

Our pillows come with a 45-day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty on the workmanship.