Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillows are the best pillow you'll ever lay your head on! And our Flax Therapy Wraps are the most therapeutic wrap you'll ever use. Don't believe us? Read these random testimonials from people you don't know! Reviews on specific products can be found on the product page.

I bought a medium pillow and some extra buckwheat husks from you at the craft fair in Sechelt in August. I just wanted you to know that so far, I like it very much, and would not go back to a foam pillow for anything.
- Guy L.
Received via email about 3 weeks after the Hackett Park Craft Fair in Sechelt.
"First night with my son using his buckwheat pillow, what a success, he loves it!!! Thanks again!!"
- Lindsey H.
"OMG I love the back wrap! I have been having low back pain and need something for when I'm working that will sit where it belongs. This is perfect for pregnancy. The velcro straps fit above and below my belly perfectly! Thank you!!!"
- Donna E.
"So I found the great, life changer at this company. I had my husband contact them telling them about my neck and shoulder pain from a MVA that happened in 2012. They have this cool neck and shoulder pad. I talked to the staff they were outstanding and prompt at getting me my product. When I had it in my hands I tore off the packing and put in in the microwave for 45 second increments till it was hot. Tossed it in one gentle motion on my shoulders and have been wearing it since. I can move about the home without being worried it will fall off. Cool environmental product that works. Thank you so much."
- Genevieve B.
"Best sleep ever."
- Paul R.
After multiple surgeries on his shoulders, he could not get a decent night's rest due to the chronic pain. The first night using his Kuseno Buckwheat Hull Pillow, he slept in until 11 am! Quite the feat!
"Slept like a log. Such a deep sleep, I did it twice. Woke up at 9 am and then at 1 pm. *sigh* so rested.
- Kristen M.
"I've got a pillow, a neck wrap, and hand warmers [seasonal item]. I have used all three and they have definitely been beneficial in my life. I have inflammatory arthritis, and the pillow not only works great as a pillow and soothes my aching neck and shoulders, but it makes an excellent book rest for when my hands are too sore to hold the book up for reading. Alan and Barbara are down to earth people who know their stuff, and it shows in their work with the Kuseno product lines."
- Tanya P.
"Note to self: Bring Kuseno pillow next time I go on holidays. Hotel pillows just don't cut it anymore."
- Cheryl P.